Statement of Purpose (SoP)

The Horse Fair Practice Group provides a comprehensive service, available to all irrespective of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief and respects their human rights.

The Practice promotes equality through service and will pay particular attention to groups or sections of society where improvements in health and life expectancy are not in keeping with the rest of the population.

The Practice aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, and will provide high-quality care that is safe, effective and focused on the patient including the provision of Extended Hours/access appointments.

Practice services will reflect the needs and preferences of patients, their families and their carers. Patients, with their families and carers, will be involved in and consulted on all decisions about their care and treatment.

The Practice will work in partnership across organisations, with the interests of patients, local communities and the wider population.

The Practice will be accountable to the public, communities and patients that it serves.