Horse Fair Practice Group

Hillsprings Surgery, Lovett Court, Rugeley, WS15 2FH
Telephone: 01889 582244


GP and nurse appointments can be booked online using Patient Access, Evergreen Life, by myGP App (Android, iOS) or by telephone using our automated ‘Patient Partner’ system 24 hours a day.

If you are not sure which type of appointment you need or have a specific question please call our reception team between 8am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday

Please note: If you are late for your appointment then you may be asked to rebook on another day.

GP appointments

  • Routine GP appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. We encourage you to see the same doctor where possible for continuity of care. Most GP appointments are 10 minutes long so your GP may ask you to book a further appointment if you wish to deal with more than one medical problem.
  • Same day GP appointments are released for booking from 8.00 am Monday to Friday. These appointments can be used for urgent or non-urgent medical problems.
  • Telephone appointments can also be booked online or by telephone. They are convenient if you cannot attend the surgery in person. They can be used for telephone advice, follow-up or discussing test results. If a telephone appointment is not available with your doctor our reception team will ask your doctor to call you on their next working day.

Urgent medical problems may require a same day appointment. If no further appointments are available or you need telephone advice, our reception team will ask the on call doctor to call you. You may be given telephone advice, offered an emergency appointment or advised to go to A&E. Please call us rather than coming to the practice if you have an urgent medical problem, as we do not offer a walk-in service.

If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call for an emergency ambulance by dialling 999.

Nurse appointments should be booked for:

  • Chronic health condition reviews: Asthma and COPD reviews, hypertension reviews
  • Women’s health: Smear tests, vaginal swabs, contraceptive pill checks
  • All Children’s vaccines, Adult vaccinations and injections (except flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines which are done by our health care assistants)
  • Travel vaccines
  • Dressings, compression bandages, stitch removal

Health Care Assistant appointments should be booked for:

  • Blood tests (adults only)
  • Flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines
  • Blood pressure checks
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Spirometry (lung function test), ECG and 24 hour blood pressure monitoring
  • Diabetes assessments (before seeing a GP for annual review)
  • Smoking cessation clinics

Horsefair Practice Group will continue to provide advice & treatment for any medical concerns.

There have been some changes made to the delivery of care to protect staff and patients during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  However our services are accessible as they have always been, so please contact us to book an appropriate appointment and do not ignore worrying symptoms that maybe early signs of more serious conditions like cancer.

Access to our clinicians has been enhanced due to Covid-19.  We offer Video Consultations, Telephone Consultations and where appropriate a face to face consultation.

Please note we will provide face to face GP or Nurse appointments where advised by a Clinician.  The receptionist will arrange a telephone or video consultation for you in accordance with national guidance in order that the Clinician can assess your condition or problem, offering a face to face consultation as appropriate.

You can also book appointments online. To do this you will need to register online at -access

If you already order your prescription on line then you don’t need to re-register, simply update your profile to include booking online appointments.  Please remember we are still here to provide advice & treatment  for any medical concerns.  If you need to be seen face to face we can arrange this after speaking to one of our clinicians.

Please do not ignore worrying symptoms that maybe early signs of a more serious condition.

Please also note that because we are consulting patients more by telephone it may take longer to speak to us when booking an appointment by phone. Please be patient, alternatively please book on line.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ****Please note that to prevent further transmission and infection from the COVID-19 virus we ask from 15th June all patients entering the surgery will be required to wear a face mask or face covering.

Help us control the spread of the virus and stay safe.